EC10, the S/S 2018 collection from EVAN CLAYTON, is a celebration of Clayton’s tenth season in the fashion industry. Contemplating the EVAN CLAYTON archives, EC10 aims to reimagine brand staples and revisit quintessential moments in the brand history. EC10 features an all-star cast highlighting Gia Metric, Jane Smoker and Kendall Gender, while pushing an adrenaline charged collection to the foreground. Major points of reference in the collection include the video game Persona 5, and the illustrative style of Mitsuo Iso.

An electric palette of primary colours and extreme neutrals take aim at the brands strengths. Slick patents play foil to matte crepes, and the tailored silhouette synonymous with EVAN CLAYTON has been exaggerated.

EC10 is an exciting retrospective, but also looks forward to the continued success of EVAN CLAYTON.

Key MUA: Caleb Wessels

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