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EVAN CLAYTON is an exciting Vancouver based brand that is ideal for the fashion-conscious, professional woman who desires clothing with international appeal because of its high quality, theatrical appeal and integrity. A fashion company that marries art and fashion in such way as to create political, personal and artistic expression, we create an experience surrounding our clothing.

In March of 2013, EVAN CLAYTON launched its first collection at Vancouver Fashion Week. Titled The Fall of Joan, it was inspired by the doomed martyr Joan of Arc’s final days and the unreleased Lady Gaga song, Princess Die. The collection was met with near universal acclaim and was featured in numerous local publications. The subsequent collection KIN was inspired by the migrations of the Northern Pacific Humpback Whale and the sophomore iamamiwhoami album, KIN. Again, the collection was applauded for its daring edge and bold choices.

JENOVA, the EVAN CLAYTON Autumn/Winter 2014 collection served as the follow-up to KIN. This collection earned the designer the inaugural Nancy Mak Award. JENOVA was EVAN CLAYTON’s introduction to an international audience with features in VOGUE UK and Glamour UK. In September 2014, EVAN CLAYTON successfully showed the collection DEATHPROOF at MQ Vienna Fashion Week and Vancouver Fashion Week. DEATHPROOF has been featured locally and internationally in The Province, VOGUE UK and Glamour UK. EVAN CLAYTON continued the international success of the brand with the S/S 2016 collection: LILLITH.

EVAN CLAYTON provides ready-to-wear garments, customer orders, and artistically challenging sculptural fashion.


Photo by Inga Avedyan



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