MAHŌ SHŌJO, the S/S 2017 collection from EVAN CLAYTON, is an explosion of exaggerated femininity. Classic tropes from the “magical girl” genre are exhumed and amplified, creating a saccharinely sweet aesthetic for the coming season.

Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and other magical girl genre media provide the template for the SS17 EVAN CLAYTON consumer. She’ll be clad in patent leather, slick silk twills, and the sharp silhouette that has now become synonymous with the brand. A jarring colour palette of crimson, black, optic white, metallic silver, and baby pink will jolt the viewer into action.

MAHŌ SHŌJO takes everything that EVAN CLAYTON has become known for and catapults it to previously undiscovered extremities.


KEY MUA: Caleb Wessels



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