THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES, the A/W 2017 offering from EVAN CLAYTON, is a whimsical journey through 17th century Italy. Filtered through the eyes of famed sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the collection is a sensuous satire of modern purity, much in the same way Bernini explored irony in his work. Major points of reference include “The Ecstasy of St. Teresa”, as well as the notorious 1973 film “The Devil in Miss Jones”, from which the collection gets its namesake. THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES promises to be an exposition of contradiction.

17th century daywear and evening costumes provide the guiding light for which the EVAN CLAYTON consumer can follow into the coming A/W season. On one hand she’ll reach for her trusted mid-wash denim frock coat, with the other, a sumptuous velvet evening dress. The clinical silhouette usually synonymous with EVAN CLAYTON has been softened, edges have been blurred, and frivolity takes the place of stark minimalism. A colour palette of periwinkle, gold, ivory, and powdered grey bring visions of lofty artist studios and lithely carved marble.


KEY MUA: Caleb Wessels



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